Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Stinkin' Cute are THESE??

Well, as some of you may know, my dear sweet daughter is having TWINS.  Today, she had a 3D ultrasound, and her doctor was able to tell whether one baby is a girl or a boy.  He put a little slip of paper inside an envelope, licked it, sealed it, taped it and stapled it shut.  Evidently, he understands about pregnant women, and how hard it is for them to be patient.  She is to open the envelope with her husband tonight when he gets home from work.  If the paper is pink, one is a girl, and blue for a boy.  The other twin was a little camera-shy, so we're going to have to wait to find out the sex of that baby. 

I bet having to wait is just eating her up....hahhaa. 

Anyway, I figured I'd share some artwork while we wait.  (I don't like waiting, either.  But I did hear that she might "accidentally" smear peanut butter on the envelope and leave it where my granddog might just snack on it, then she'd just have to clean up the colored paper shreds....bad doggie!!)

On to the artwork!!  My sweet friend had a baby shower to attend, and asked me to make some table favors for the party.  . 

I used the baby bootie from page 63 of the Artiste Cricut cartridge.  I cut them at 4" and about 6 pieces of salt-water taffy fit inside each.

The shoes were cut out at 4" and I first put the top of the shoe together and folded the tabs under.  I began gluing the top of the shoe to the sole starting at the heel, then moving forward on each side evenly.  I found that I needed to trim just a smidge from the toe of the sole once I had put them together.  It may have just been the way that I made them, but that worked for me. 

The first few shoes that I put together used Liquid Glass to adhere the tabs to the sole.  But, I'm very impatient, and didn't want to wait for the glue to dry.  So, I figured I'd be "smart" and use my tape runner.  They came together much easier, and I didn't have to get my fingers all sticky. 

I put them away so I could work on a few other things, and took them out the morning of the party.  UGH!  They had started to come apart.  I should mention that the paper I used was some that I had in my stash and it had a shiny coating which didn't hold the adhesive very well.  I had made some using the Lucy paper you can see under the shoes; but I didn't think that they looked PINK enough. 

I discovered the problem the morning of the shower.  So, in a moment of PANIC.....I got out my trusty glue-gun and went to town.  I fixed the shoes that needed a bit of help, and then re-glued the pearls around the edges to cover up the seam where the top and sole came together.  Yeah, now my secret is out!!  HOT GLUE.  None of that "low temp" stuff for me!  Give me the "so hot it will melt your fingerprints" stuff anyday!! 

Maybe tomorrow I'll find out what flavor of grandbaby will be coming!  I wonder if I'll be making BLUE shoes or PINK ones??

(Note:  We're still waiting to find out the identity of ONE of the babies.  BUT - Baby B is a BOY!)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's New?

If you're wondering why I've been MIA lately, things have gotten busy!!  After the Open House, I had one day to breathe, then we left on a road trip.  We spent the next week visiting with my daughter and son-in-law; playing with their dog, catching up, and checking out the latest improvements they've made to their home.  It was a great visit, and my daughter surprised me with the news that she's expecting TWINS!!  I'm so excited! 

After arriving home, we spent the weekend getting settled back in and finishing up some projects, then my son had a tonsillectomy.  He was so quiet for a few days, it was unnerving not to have him chattering away like a maniac.  He's recovered well, though, and is back to his usual chatty self.

Not much papercrafting going on, though I've gotten to play with the new alcohol ink markers.  I have to say, you're going to LOVE these!

Each of the colors in our 40 color pallette has a matching marker.  The markers come in a set of 2, so you receive the matching color marker and a coordinating marker that is one shade darker or lighter than our color.  There's a key in the Idea Book on page 9.  If the little circle next to the marker item number is filled in, the coordinating shade is a bit darker.  If the little circle is open, then the coordinating shade is lighter. 

The last week of August was spent getting ready for SCHOOL!!!  The traditional school schedule starts at the end of August here, and we frantically hunted down 3" binders, highlighters, calculators and shoes so the kids would be all set for the first day.  My fabulous sister even tracked down the sold-out LL Bean backpacks that the kids wanted and shipped them to us!!  She ROCKS.  So do those backpacks!!  Seriously - my daughter has used the same backpack for 5 years.  They last forever.

With school in full swing, volunteer schedules, Girl Scout and Boy Scout meetings under control and life resuming some normalcy, I am happy to get back to papercrafting.  After all, I have those summer photos and back to school pics to scrapbook now!

I think I'll make a cup of tea and go have some long overdue crafting time.  Hope your day is as blessed as mine has been!!