Friday, July 27, 2012

Cricut Artiste Bundle - What a DEAL!!!

Now that I've had a chance to take a good look at this cartridge, I had to share what a great deal this is!  Most Cricut cartridges sell for $30 - $50 these days, and they have between 50 and 700 images on them.  Most of the cartridges have feature keys for different parts of the same image; or a tag, card and shadow of the same image, so they have far fewer than 700 images. 

NOT ARTISTE!!  It has so much on it!  Shapes, cupcake wrappers, boxes, cards, tags, titles, envelopes, puzzles...  Even if the shape is layered, most of the layers can be used alone on other projects, so that makes this cartridge an exceptional value. 

The Artiste cartridge has so many 3-D items on it that it needs a SEPARATE BOOKLET for them all!  The cartridge comes with the standard handbook, but there's also another booklet that shows how to put the 3-D items together.  What a great idea!

Here's a link to the Cricut site to see what's included on this cartridge:

And here's the additional booklet for assembly instructions:

You might think that $99 is a lot to pay for a single cartridge.  You could be right.  But, how many cartridges would you need to purchase to have the same images that Artiste has? 

Cupcake Wrappers - $30
Tags, Bags, Boxes - $50
Flower Shoppe - $30
Happy Hauntings - $40
Father's Day - $30
Paper Lace - $40
Font cartridge - $30-$50
Forever Young (purses) - $30-$40

I'll give you a rundown of the items in the 3-D booklet:

purses - 3 different ones (to hold candy or gift cards)
"house" box - has a 4-sided roof - great for a housewarming gift or diorama, toys for kids
flower top box - petals of flower form the top closure
Tim Horton's or Munchkin box
Box that has a handle on top, top flaps go over handle (like a take-out box)
Box with a lid that has a cut-out - like for a cupcake to fit inside!  Or an ornament!
another purse
cone with scalloped top - to hold candy or flowers
pages and cover for a mini album
envelopes for cards
3-d pop-up cards - "love" and "hello"
decorative cut-out sides on a box
milk carton
magazine file (make in card size to hold a stack of cards as a gift)
match box
triangle box (there are 2!) - shown with the new  Christmas papers papers as "trees"
rosettes - 7 different edges
another mini-album!
I'm not even halfway through the booklet!!!

PLUS - an upper and lowercase alphabet!!  You'll LOVE this cartridge!  And, it also comes with 3 coordinating stamp sets, and 3 sheets of Dimensional Elements (chipboard) shapes that coordinate with the cartridge.  You're going to have so much fun with this cartridge that the rest of your cartridges will get jealous!

Special Offer:

From now through August 5, 2012, you can purchase this great bundle from me for just $99 including shipping and tax.  Pick it up locally, and that's all you'll pay.  If you need me to ship it to you, there's an additional shipping charge - I only charge you what the Post Office charges me, between $6 and $9.  Please email me for details on this offer!  (Contact me by email or phone to order, online website will charge full price for shipping/tax.) 


Sheila said...

What is your email? I would like to order the Artiste bundle from you through Paypal.

Dee in NC said...

Hi, Sheila! My email is Looking forward to hearing from you - you're gonna LOVE this cartridge!

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