Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sneak Peek - August Stamp of the Month

You're going to LOVE this stamp set!  August's Stamp of the Month is absolutely stunning - it's an antique inspired brocade set of 5 stamps called Baroque Borders.  It's distressed a little to keep the edges soft and keep the image from overpowering your work.  Perfect for backgrounds on scrapbook pages, make your own paper for cards, or use the images by themselves as focal points or accents to your artwork!  Love this set!

 You can get this set ONLY during the month of August!  Regular purchase price is $17.95, but if you purchase $50 or more from our new Idea Book (coming August 1!) you can get this set for just $5 bucks! 

Someone asked me if ALL of our stamps come packaged in the envelopes with the carrier sheets - so I thought I'd pass along a little info about My Acrylix stamps while I'm answering her question.  YES - all of our stamps come packaged in a sturdy plastic envelope that's lightly frosted so that your fingerprints don't show but you can clearly see the set inside.  I LOVE this feature! 

All of the envelopes are the same size about 6 1/2" square, except for the large alphabet stamp sets.  Those come in an 8 1/2" by 11" envelope with holes to fit into a standard loose-leaf binder that you can purchase at any office supply store.  I keep mine in a drawer with my Idea Book, though!

Before Close to My Heart, I had several plastic storage boxes filled with various "clear" stamp sets.  They were all different sizes, from different manufacturers, and many were still in their cellophane wrapper to protect them from dust (or because I just hadn't used them). 

Now, my stamps all fit perfectly and neatly into a storage container.  They are organized and easy to look through for the set that I need for my project.  I can find ANY stamp set in under a minute, and then get back to my project without delay.  I've put all of my sets into our My Acrylix Organizers (Z1038) so that I can stack them up next to my desk.  Each Organizer holds 15 sets.  You can see them here:  http://deequarles.ctmh.com/Retail/Product.aspx?ItemID=3662&CatalogID=164

Another tip:  The sets come packaged with a color-coded front sheet, an instruction sheet on the back of that, a layer of foam to cushion the stamps, and a printed clear carrier sheet that the stamps stick to.  The envelope seals with a snap in the center of the "back" of the envelope.  I flip my contents around so that the clear front (without the flap) shows the stamp set.  It makes the stamps easier to see when I'm looking for a certain stamp, and I also have the set name in the upper right corner this way. 


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