Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Almost Mother's Day!

Is there something special that you'd like for Mother's Day this year?  Is there someone who always asks you what you'd like, and you have a hard time coming up with ideas?  Or, maybe there's someone that you  always purchase a gift for who likes to scrapbook, but you have no idea what they might need?

Let me make your life a little easier!  Look through the Spring/Summer catalog and make a list of items you'd love to have.  Send me your list, and I will help your gift-giver select items from your list that fit your needs and their budget!  You'll get just what you've always wanted, and they get to breathe a little easier knowing that it's something you'll love. 

Send me your list at and ask your gift-giver to contact me.  I'll make it easy for them to choose products that you'll love.  They can order the products online, and have them shipped directly to their door.  They can even get the Stamp of the Month and the Dotty paper pack if their purchase amount qualifies.   

Happy Mother's Day!  Faster, Simpler, Easier!!


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