Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Close to My Heart has a fabulous promotion coming up in June!  For the entire month, when you purchase any 2 stamp sets, YOU GET ONE FREE!!! 

How does this work?  Well, you choose the sets you want, and the lowest priced set will automatically be FREE to you!  Sure can't beat that!  Want more than one free set?  You can order as many as you want and get ONE free set for EVERY TWO sets you order!!   

Let's do the math:  You buy two C-sized sets at $13.95 each, and get a C-sized set ($13.95 value) for FREE.  That's 33% SAVINGS!  More fun than clipping coupons!!

Now is the time to get those sets you've had your eye on!  Tell your friends, too, so they aren't mad that they've missed out!  (Angry friends are no fun to scrap with)

Even better - book a Home Gathering with me for anytime between now and June 18 for a FREE set of stamps that are not available to regular customers!  "Wonderful You" has 36 different stamps, and you're sure to love it!  PLUS, you'll get at least $25 in Hostess Rewards for every Gathering that reaches $150 in sales! 

I'll be submitting an order during the first week of June, so call me and place your order TODAY.  I'll combine orders so you get our bulk shipping rate on your order!  You can either pick up your order when it arrives, or I can drop it off to you if you're local.


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