Monday, June 11, 2012

Brilliant Idea for the Cricut Stamp Sets!

I'm sure someone else thought of this first, but I haven't seen it shared, so it might just be common sense!  I figured I'd pass this tip along for the quick and crafty types!

I was cutting out some cards on my Cricut, and I thought it was just such a waste of space to have the rest of the paper go in the trash or a scrap pile - so I put as many of the shapes for one of my stamp sets onto the mat to fill in the spaces as I could.  I have a Gypsy, but you could use Cricut Craft Room as well, or even just punch in shapes after you've cut out your main pieces until the paper runs out. 

I had to cut out a lot of card bases and tags, so I just filled in the remainder with various stamp set shapes. I cut some in Col white and some in White daisy.  You could also just sit down and cut shapes to match the stamp sets so they're ready to go. I like easy and quick!!

Then I popped the extra pieces into the envelope with the stamp set - TA DA.  Next time I need a quickly stamped flower or a shape for a sentiment, I've got it.  No messing with finding the right size, placing paper on the mat - it's done.


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